3 Great Ways to Give the Gift of Zen


It is easy to run into a department store and grab something as a gift for someone. You really do not have to think a lot about it. When you give the gift of Zen, you become part of the gift. Zen, which is a type of Buddhism, transcends race, gender, or creed, says Wikipedia.org. One does not have to be religious to appreciate the benefits of Zen meditation and other exercises. A gift of Zen encourages the recipient to live in the moment and be free of smothering stress. Instead of buying something that may end up in the back of a closet, consider giving a gift from the soul. These are three ideas to consider for Zen gifting to people on your gift list:

1. Zen Retreat

According to a report by the National Institute of Health, stress is a major factor in health problems. If someone special in your life seems to be under a lot of stress, you could by him/her a weekend Zen retreat. There are Zen retreat centers all across the country that offer weekends of study and relaxation in the Zen tradition. Visitors can do yoga, meditate, or go on mindful walks alone or with a small group. This is the ideal gift for someone who is facing a crisis or has to make a crucial decision. The practice of Zen reduces stress and puts people in a peaceful state of mind.

2. Massage/Spa Visit

Many spas feature Zen meditation along with massage and other relaxation services. You can buy a friend or family member an afternoon of pampering and soothing meditation. When people are getting a deep-tissue massage from an experienced massage therapist, it is difficult to concentrate on stressful issues. The smell of the oils, the soft music, and the gentle massage is therapeutic to body, mind, and soul. The whole ambiance of a spa lends to the Zen idea of being present in the moment. Even if the visit is just for an hour, the recipient will be grateful for your kind gesture.

3. Relaxation Tools

You do not have to spend a fortune in order to give the gift of Zen. There are a lot of inexpensive relaxation tools that can be gifted and used right at home. If the recipient is your partner, you can practice yoga or meditation together. The Zen of togetherness is healing to relationships. Help your friend or loved one recreate the exhilarating atmosphere of a Zen temple with lovely candles and tantalizing incense. You can also purchase Zen meditation CDs and cozy cushions that will benefit their daily meditations. CDs with reflective music, portable water features, and singing bowls bring the beauty of Zen into the recipient’s heart and home.