3 Surprising Benefits to Gain from E-Cigars


Are E-cigarettes safe? There seems to be so much hype about e-cigs, and the questions that people addicted tobacco want to know is whether switching to E-cigars from regular cigarettes has any benefits. E-cigars have triggered a fierce debate among health experts who share the same goal- minimizing the diseases and deaths caused by tobacco. But the health experts differ on whether E-cigars make the user’s heath risks better or worse.

E-Cigars Can Reduce the Deaths Caused by Tobacco

The nicotine in regular cigarettes is addictive. When you miss your regular intake of tobacco, you can become irritable, restless, anxious, and get withdrawal symptoms, including headaches. According to theguardian.com, research evidence suggests that E-cigars are safer than regular cigarettes. Vapor from electronic cigarettes contains fewer chemicals and is less toxic than traditional cigarettes.

Regular cigarettes are dangerous because they produce a lot of smoke that can damage the arteries overtime. As explained by the Time Magazine, E-cigars don’t burn, and the percentage of harmful chemicals they give off is less than what you would get from regular cigarettes. In a research done by the Cancer Research Center in Milan, Italy, the hazardous substances in traditional cigarettes were ten times higher than in e-cigar vapor. The use of e-cigars, instead of regular cigarettes, can reduce tobacco related illnesses and deaths, reports Thomas Eissenberg, co-director of the Center for the Study of Tobacco Products at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

No Ash, No Smoke, No Smell

E-cigars have no tar, ash, tobacco, and the toxins associated with regular cigarettes. Taking Electronic cigarettes is your means of escape from the over 4,000 chemicals and 40 carcinogens in tobacco. E-cigars have the same oral sensation as the smoking of real tobacco but do not emit an irritating smoke or smell that hangs on your clothes, hair, house, furniture, and walls. The smoker instead gets the sweet aroma of vanilla and strawberry. Combustion is never a part of vaping meaning the use of e-cigars produces no ash.

E-Cigars Can May Help You to Quit Smoking

Public Health England (PHE) commissioned a research led by Professor Ann McNeill of Kings College London and Professor Peter Hajek of Queen Mary University of London to find out if E-cigars can aid people who want to quit smoking. The two researchers found out that E-cigars are 95 percent research less harmful than traditional cigarettes. The same research indicates that E-cigars contribute to the falling smoking rates among adults and teenagers. Over 1.3 million ex-smokers in Great Britain have used the –e-cigars to quit smoking.