5 Effective Home Security Solutions to Consider

home security

Many different home security options are available today. Not all of the technologies or strategies work. You need to know how to sort through the various choices to find the ones that will really protect your home. Here are five effective home security solutions to consider.

Lighting Up the Outside of Your Home

The first effective solution is to light up the outside of your home. This means installing motion-activated lights around the exterior of your house in important locations like over doors, driveways and patios. You might also want to place landscape lighting around the property to illuminate dark areas. Burglars tend to avoid houses where lights make it impossible to approach without being clearly seen. This can keep criminals far away.

Complete Alarm System with Cameras

A home security solution that has been proven effective is a complete alarm system with cameras. There are over 36 million security systems in use today because they really work. Burglars who see a home protected by an alarm system are going to most likely skip the house and find another target. This is because the alarm makes burglarizing the house very difficult. The cameras can also collect forensic evidence that will make it easier for police to catch the burglar later.

Tall and Durable Fencing

A very simple home security solution is tall and durable fencing. Erect good fencing all around your property. Get a style that is difficult to scale and climb over. Fences will prevent anyone from casually approaching your home or hiding on your property. They deter burglars because people in the neighborhood or house will notice the burglar climbing over. Fences also act as deterrents because they make escaping with your possessions difficult or impossible.

Defensive Landscaping

Another effective solution is known as defensive landscaping. This is where you use the plants and spaces on your property to your advantage when it comes to home security. Put thorny bushes around windows and doors so that burglars cannot approach or hide there. Trim back trees to stop burglars from using them to enter the upper windows of your house. Create open areas so that there is no place to hide. Defensive landscaping can keep burglars from breaking into your home.

Full Time Monitoring Services

One of the last and most effective home security solutions to consider is a full-time monitoring service. Over 2.9 million burglaries occur every year at all times of the day and night. A monitoring service will watch your security or alarm system remotely 24 hours a day. This means police will be called the moment problems are detected. Home monitoring services can stop burglaries fast and help to capture the culprit. The service can even monitor the home for fire or carbon monoxide.