5 Environmental Benefits of Professional Demolition


To many people’s minds, demolition simply creates more waste to build up in national landfills. In this age of increased concern with reducing our carbon footprint, this may be a reason why some people choose not to hire a professional demolition company.

However, demolition as an industry has long been recycling-minded, as this post will explain. Learn about five environmental benefits of using a professional demolition expert for your next job.

Benefit #1: Professional demolition helps to recycle wastewater.
One of the main ways professional demolition companies participate in the greening of the environment is through recycling or re-using wastewater. For example, potable wastewater can be used to mix concrete, while gray water can be used to irrigate crops, and toxic water can be diverted to local wastewater recycling facilities for cleaning.

The Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA) is a nationwide trade organization chartered specifically to facilitate recycling efforts within the demolition industry.

Benefit #2: Professional demolition must abide by federal, state and local clean-up and recycling guidelines.
Any licensed professional demolition company must abide by all federal regulations for clean-up, disposal and recycling, as well as any specific recycling or waste disposal regulations in the state and specific local area where the demolition is taking place.

Benefit #3: Professional demolition aims to repurpose available land for better uses.
Demolition by its own definition aims to free up land for the best possible purchase. By clearing ground for new projects, demolition experts contribute to breaking down outdated or unsafe structures so the space can be used to build the safest, most energy efficient and productive structures in their place.

Benefit #4: Professional demolition companies can earn extra revenue by recycling the materials they demolish.
Called “de-construction,” this federally-endorsed practice refines the practice of demolition into a step-by-step process for repurposing gently used building materials.

Instead of simply razing a property, demolition experts can dis-assemble it piece by piece, keeping useful components intact to recycle or resell for a future project.

Benefit #5: Professional demolition companies pay less overhead (in the cost of waste disposal) when they generate less landfill waste.
The more efficient a demolition company can be when recycling debris, waste water and materials, the less the company will be required to pay in waste disposal fees at the job’s end.

This serves as a major incentive to recycle and translates to a better bottom line for both the company and the environment.

By understanding how the professional demolition industry today is working to contribute to a cleaner, greener environment, you can use professional demolition services with more confidence and also better understand the options you have when you schedule a demolition job.