5 Innovative Ways to Revamp Your Outdoor Patio


Summer is here, and most people enjoy spending time outside on their patio. If you love being outdoors, you probably are getting your grill and patio ready for some endless summer fun. Like most things, outdoor patios need a little TLC after a long winter. Here are five helpful hints to get your backyard patio ready:

1. Give Your Patio A Good Cleaning

The first step to revitalizing your patio for the summer is to get rid of clutter. Put away things that do not belong on the patio. Pitch or recycle any piled up clutter. During your yard’s long winter’s sleep, a lot of leaves and broken twigs probably accumulated on your patio. You could rake it all up; however, using a leaf blower is much easier. After you blow the plant debris into a pile, put in in your compost bin. If your patio is made of durable vinyl or concrete, then give it a good power washing. You might have to scrub stubborn stains by hand.

2. Revamp Your Patio Furniture

If your patio furniture has seen its day, then get rid of it. You can put a fresh coat of paint on wooden Adirondack chairs and tables. Use bright colors to make your patio pop! Cleanipedia.com recommends that you clean your wicker furniture each season, also. For metal furniture, you may consider powder-coating. It is available in many colors, and will keep your metal furniture beautiful year after year. You should also clean all of your fabric pillows and throws.

3. Install A Waterproof Stereo System

Do you do a lot of entertaining on your backyard patio? Perhaps it is right by your pool. Consider installing a stereo system that is water and weatherproof. It may be a little expensive and requires some time for installation; however, it is a great investment. Just think of how much your family and friends will enjoy a good round of drinks on your patio with some cool music. If your system has Wi-Fi, you can quickly download the music of your choice.

4. Say It With Plants

Your patio is the perfect place to showcase your potted plants. Plants not only offer breathtaking colors and scents, but they also supply more oxygen for us to breath, states gardenguides.com. Find flowers and plants that are easy to grow and have colorful blossoms. Make sure that you keep the sun lovers out of the shade if your patio has an umbrella. With the right plants, your patio will look like a tropical oasis in no time.

5.Let There Be Light!

Just as with indoors, lighting plays a key role in creating the mood for your outdoor patio. Create a relaxing ambiance with layered lighting. Lamps on your patio tables provide light for eating and for seeing everyone. If your patio is inside a pergola, string lights around the top for a festive touch. You may also consider battery-powered lanterns, candles, and tiki torches.

Enjoy this summer on your newly-refurbished patio. With some cleaning and adding elements that you love, you can create an outdoor space that is perfect for entertaining. Your patio will soon be your favorite place for fun in the sun!