5 Reasons to Add Strength and Conditioning into Your Training

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These days, many people are interested in implementing an exercise program for the purpose of improving their health. If this is your current objective, remember to incorporate strength and conditioning into your exercise program. There are a wide variety of benefits you can attain from doing so. Some of them include:

1. Better Sleep.

As noted in Huffington Post, weight lifting has a positive effect on sleep. Specifically, there was a 2012 study conducted on older men who practiced resistance training. In so doing, these men reduced the number of times that they woke up in the night. This is a great benefit for individuals who suffer from restlessness despite concerted efforts to sleep.

2: Improved Posture.

Individuals who weight lift regularly tend to have improved posture. This is because conditioned muscles enable you to hold your body in an upright position more effectively. This improved posture will help you appear more vibrant, confident, and taller.

3. Stronger Muscles.

Wikipedia reports that individuals who lift weights have stronger muscles. There are a wide range of benefits that result from building stronger muscles, including:

better posture
more support for joints
reduced risk of injury while exercising and during every day activities

It’s also important to know that older individuals who begin weight training can prevent muscle tissue loss while also regaining some of their functional strength. These benefits enable the body to fight the frailty that oftentimes results from the natural aging process. This decreased frailty can preclude aging individuals from experiencing physical disabilities. Also, strength and conditioning work can help fight the onset of osteoporosis.

4. Increased Metabolism.

When you implement strength and conditioning work into your training, you will probably develop more muscle mass. Once this happens, you should note a significant boost in your metabolism. This metabolic boost will bring with it a wide variety of benefits, including the ability to burn more calories while at rest. This enhanced ability to burn calories can function as a wonderful weight management tool. It can also assist individuals who are trying to lose weight. In some cases, people who incorporate weight lifting into their workout programs find that this shift was key in helping them lose the last ten pounds!

5. Improved Performance.

Individuals who lift weights will almost always notice substantive improvements in their exercise abilities. For example, people who practice resistance training can increase their running speed and expand their range of motion.

If you want to get the most out of your exercise program, make sure that strength and conditioning work is a part of it. In so doing, you can attain a wide range of wonderful benefits that improve the quality of your life!