5 Tips on Preparing for Your Engagement Photo Session


An engagement photo shoot is important for many couples waiting to be married. The photographs capture a brief time when the couple is bound together before the marriage actually occurs. If you want the best pictures possible, then you need to prepare a little. Here are five tips on preparing for your engagement photo session.

Visit a Professional for Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup artists make up part of the $60 billion wedding industry in the country. The time to visit a barber, hair stylist or makeup artist is just before your engagement photo shoot. You want to look the best that you possibly can. Schedule an appointment on the day of the session. Get your hair styled or trimmed a little even if it does not seem like you need it. The small details here will make a real difference in the final photos.

Dress Comfortably and Have Backup Clothes

Do not go into the photo session dressed in stiff, formal clothes. Dress comfortably in something that reflects your personality. Try to ensure the outfits you and your partner are wearing do not clash. Avoid clothes with bold patterns or writing. Additionally, bring along a set of backup clothes. Many engagement photographers will want you to change clothes about halfway through the session to add some variety to the pictures.

Bring Some Props and Accessories

Think about bringing along some props and accessories. These are items that help to express your personality and interests as a couple. You could bring along favorite books, mementos of the relationship or anything else meaningful to your engagement. Bring them along even if they might not be used. The props could help to make truly unique and special photos. They could even inspire the photographer to do something unusual to capture your relationship.

Find Some Photo Styles or Picture Spreads You Really Like

Take some time to look at other engagement, wedding or general photographs. Find some photo styles or spreads that you like. You can look online, through wedding magazines or fashion publications. You should be able to find something you enjoy from the 124,900 professional photographers working today. Bring along the ones that you like. This will help the photographer to better understand the look, mood and style that you want in the engagement photographs.

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat

A final step is to drink plenty of water and eat before the shoot. If you are dehydrated, then your skin can have a sunken and unattractive appearance. This can show up awkwardly in the photos. Take bottled water with you to the session and stay hydrated. You also need to eat so that you have the energy necessary to make it through an engagement photo session that could last for two hours or longer.