6 Benefits of Remodeling Your Master Bath


Perhaps you’re wondering whether it would be worthwhile to remodel the master bathroom in your home. We’ve spoken with hundreds of satisfied homeowners who have remodeled their bathrooms recently. When asked to explain which benefits have made them happiest overall, the following six points are the ones that come up most often:

1. Reduced Utility Bills Resulting from Increased Water Efficiency in the Bathroom

Remodeling gives you the opportunity to lower your bills by increasing your home’s water efficiency. Water-saving faucets, low flow toilets and water-efficient showerheads can all contribute to a reduction in utility bills.

2. A Fresh New Style Featuring Your Preferred Colors and Design Theme

Perhaps the color scheme or design elements in your bathroom are horribly out-of-date. At the least, a fresh coat of paint in a trendy color scheme will do wonders to make the space look new again. Coordinating new tile and new fixtures could further update the look.

3. Added Value for Your Home’s Appraisal Price and / or Sale Price

Homeowners consistently report that bathroom remodeling has boosted their home’s value and sale price. Your experiences could vary from theirs, but bathroom renovations could be expected to add at least some value onto your home. The New York Times recently reported that a realistic return on investment from a $26,000 bathroom remodel is around 58 percent.

4. A Faster Home Sale When You’re Ready to Move

When it comes time to sell your home, a newly renovated bathroom is attractive to potential home buyers. The upgrades you make in the bathroom could help speed up the home’s sale. Realtors advise us that it’s kitchens and bathrooms that sell homes; and so your remodeled bathroom’s fresh new look could help with motivating buyers to make offers.

5. A Bathroom Remodel Can Make the Bathroom Safer

If senior citizens occupy your home’s master bedroom, it makes sense to plan your master bath renovations with their safety foremost in mind. The New York Times has reported in depth about home renovations for the elderly. Comfort-height toilets and grab bars are a couple of their suggestions for bathroom upgrades that don’t add much to the cost but greatly increase the bathroom’s functionality for seniors.

6. Maximize the Space Available in Your Master Bathroom

Perhaps there’s wasted floor space in your bathroom, yet there’s not enough storage space for things like towels and manicure gear. You can easily make the most of your space when you remodel by choosing a more expansive vanity, adding open shelving, creating new wall niches for baskets or incorporating linen storage cabinets.

These are six of the best benefits other homeowners have experienced from remodeling their master bathrooms in the recent past. If several of these benefits seem compelling to you, you’ll probably want to give serious consideration to the possibility of planning a bathroom remodel.