6 Myths About Home Inspections Debunked


It is estimated that 7 out of 10 homes that are purchased receive an annual inspection. However, there is still a lot of confusion about the process. There are a number of myths surrounding home inspections.

Myth: Licensing is Required to Give a Professional Home Inspection

Fact: There are 29 states that require a home inspector be licensed. However, it is important to remember that state requirements can vary. Even if the home inspector is licensed, you will need to find out about the inspector’s experience and credentials.

Myth: The Value of Your Home Will be Determined During the Inspection

Fact: A home inspection is not the same as an appraisal. The value of your home will be determine during an appraisal. The purpose of a home inspection is to determine the overall condition of the home. A home inspection will also take more time than an appraisal.

Myth: New Homes do not Need an Inspection

Fact: New homes do require an inspection. In fact, a new home may be more in need of an inspection than an old home. The home is often inspected during various stages of completion. Home builders often try to cut corners, so an inspection will ensure that all of the necessary guidelines have been followed.

Myth: The Home Inspection is Only for the Buyer

Fact: The home inspection is also for the seller and current homeowner. The home may have problems that neither the homeowner or the seller are aware of. A home inspection can help the seller market the home. The buyer will also feel more comfortable buying the home if it has been inspected. Additionally, the homeowner needs to know about potential problems before attempting to sell the home.

Myth: Home Inspectors are too Picky

Fact: The goal of the home inspector is to make sure that the home is safe enough to live in. They may not point out every small problem that is wrong with the home. Small problems may not cause your home to fail the inspection.

Myth: I do not Need to be Present for the Inspection

Fact: You are not required to be present for the inspection. You will be given a report that details the key things that you need to know about the inspection. However, you will be able to get a lot more out of it if you are present. It will be a learning experience for you.