6 Reasons You Need CADD Virtual Testing


Computer aided design and drafting, or CADD, has revolutionized the manufacturing and product development industries. New technology is now allowing for incredibly accurate CADD testing using software on a virtual prototype model. Here are six reasons why your business needs CADD virtual testing.

Simulate A Variety of Conditions Fast

CADD virtual testing allows you to simulate a variety of conditions fast. This is not possible when doing conventional physical testing with real-world prototypes. The CADD platform makes it possible to create any conditions that you could imagine within the virtual environment. This will greatly increase your ability to find design flaws.

Get Detailed Information about What Is Happening

If you are doing traditional physical testing, then the amount of information you gain is going to be limited to the capabilities of the sensors. CADD virtual testing will give you the most detailed information possible about what is going on. You can see precisely what is happening with every tiny surface and component within the virtual prototype. This gives you a much better idea about product tolerances.

Speed Up Development and Production Schedules

Your business needs CADD virtual testing because it will speed up development and production schedules significantly. Many of the 204,000 drafters working today understand how to use CADD systems. Those professionals can work fast so that you can move from design to testing in just hours or days instead of months or years. The accelerated schedule gives your business the opportunity to create new products at a faster rate than ever before.

Increase the Quality of Products

Virtual CADD testing can actually increase the quality of your products. You will be able to detect the smallest problems during the testing cycle. You can then refine and optimize your prototype even if the flaws are not critical. This can produce a much higher-quality product when the process is complete.

Clear Visualization of End Product Use

Something unique virtual CADD testing does is give you a clear visualization of how the end product will be used. This means you can get a better idea about manuals, accessories and marketing. You could even use this data to virtually test possible prototypes with consumers cheaply before moving into production. This can help to keep your business headed in the right direction from the start instead of discovering subtle usage issues after production begins.

Reduce Development Costs

A final and major reason your business needs CADD virtual testing is that it can reduce development costs. You are not going to have to pay for multiple prototypes, expansive testing facilities and extensive personnel. Everything will be done virtually in a computer with the click of a button. This can keep your development costs down and your margins up.