8 Ways to Incorporate Protein Powder in Your Everyday Life

Protein Powder with Measuring Spoop on a Blue Background

Protein powder can be a great source of protein for your daily diet. Protein powder is especially good for people who are looking to incorporate different types of protein into their diets because they don’t get enough protein from meat. These days, there are more vegetarians and vegans than ever, which means the protein powder can be especially useful for ensuring that individuals get enough protein and all of the accompanying vitamins and minerals that protein has.

But there are other people who will benefit from using protein powder as well. Those who are looking to gain muscle and bulk up will want to incorporate protein powder into their daily meals just as those who are vegetarians will.

Unfortunately, for some people, it can be difficult to find ways to be creative with protein powder. The following is a list of eight unique ways to start incorporating protein powder into your daily diet

1. Put it in your smoothies and shakes.

This is the most obvious option. Many people use protein powder in their smoothies and shakes. You can’t even taste it when you mix it with delicious fruits, vegetables, milk, juice and other tasty ingredients.

2. Try it in rice crispy treats.

For a delicious dessert that actually has some nutritional value, try putting a few tablespoons of protein powder into the mix when you make rice crispy treats.

3. No bake cookies

No bake cookies are some of the best cookies imaginable, but they are terrible for you when it comes to fat and sugar content. If you’d like to make them slightly healthier, you can simply add a little bit of protein powder to the mix!

4. Try it in pie crust.

For an apple pie or peach delight that is also full of protein, add some protein powder to the pie crust of your next pie.

5. Add it to banana or zucchini bread.

Banana bread and zucchini bread are already two of the healthiest types of dessert bread, so why not make them healthier by adding protein powder?

6. Have it for breakfast in oatmeal.

Protein powder melts right into oatmeal and warm milk or water, making this a delicious and healthy breakfast.

7. Add it to pancake or waffle batter.

If you definitely want to incorporate protein powder into your breakfast meal, consider adding it to your pancake or waffle batter.

8. Mash it into your mashed potatoes.

Protein powder will immediately disappear when you add it to mash potatoes. You can further mask the taste of protein powder in your mashed potatoes by adding ingredients like spinach and garlic.

Try all of these ideas for incorporating more protein powder into your diet and see what works best for you!