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5 Must do Dominican Republic Excursions

The Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean country and is conveniently situated to be a major tourist destination since it is two hours south of Miami, four hours away from New York, and eight hours from most cities in Europe. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on the south and the Atlantic Ocean on the […]

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The Best Travel Rewards Credit Card to Have in Your Wallet

For people who travel the nation or the world, having a credit card that offers not only plenty of rewards, but also a high level of confidence is a must-have. Whether it’s insurance in case the trip gets interrupted or cancelled, protection against identity theft, or assistance with renting a car, there’s little doubt having […]

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How to Plan the Perfect Grand Canyon Adventure

A Natural Wonder A National Park today spans much of the Grand Canyon. The huge mile-deep gorge cut by the Colorado River into the scenic desert of Northwestern Arizona extends for an impressive 277 river miles. This fascinating region offers adventurous vacations suitable for people of every age. Explore The Nation Park The Grand Canyon […]