Digital Signs: What You Need to Know


Digital signage is a big and established market. They are everywhere you look, grabbing your interest. Digital signs are getting more affordable, and the price is projected to keep dropping over time. Digital signs make more of an impression as it engages the customer – they spend longer looking and remember what they see. For those that use them to advertise, it has been found that digital signage tends to increase sales and impulse buys as it grabs attention.

Different types of display can be used for your digital signage. For example: interactive screens, LED boards, LCD screens, projection screens, and organic LED screens to name a few. Whether your digital sign is in your building, parking lot, or across town, it is easy to install a wireless bridge to your digital sign. To protect the security of your digital sign and its content, there is advanced encryption technology that is available to help.

Depending on the design functions that you want, digital signs can interact with mobile phones, social media, touch screens and more. You can post messages to your digital sign by text message from your smart phone, while Bluetooth technology allows the user to interact with what they see on the screen in front of them. Social media interactivity is also being integrated into some digital signs, in which allows the user to post messages and photos to Facebook and Twitter as well.

If you don’t want to use a specialist firm to design your content, you can create your own digital content easily through a Content Management System (CMS). Tools are built right into its own control panel which allow you to combine interactivity, audio, image, and video easily.

There are many uses for digital signs – they are almost endless. They are useful in restaurants promoting menu information, nutritional facts, photos, and pricing. Schools use them to announce upcoming events, testing, days off, and to boost student morale. Digital signs are commonly used in malls for advertising, as a directory letting you know where the stores are at – sometimes in an interactive capacity. Just look around the next time you are out and about – you will see a digital sign of some sort perhaps with a map, news, traffic, weather, fire exit, or an advertisement getting your attention.

Digital signs are a great tool and don’t go stale as quickly as static signs do. Depending on what you use signs for whether it is as an informational tool, sales advertisement, or something else – digital signage can benefit you.