Five Ways to Protect Your Roof From Leaks


Your roof is incredibly important for the safety, stability and longevity of your home. The last thing anyone wants is to discover a leak in the roof that has been allowing water into the house for some time. You can do something to stop that from happening. Here are five ways to protect your roof from leaks.

Check for Minor Damage Regularly

The first step is to check your roof for any minor damage on a regular basis. Do this once a month at least. You are looking for shingles coming out of place, flashing that has come loose or broken collars. Check the fascia as well for cracks or damage. If you find any problems, then immediately make repairs no matter how minor. You could even hire one of the 123,400 roofers in the country to do the job. These minor repairs will stop many leaks from forming.

Keep Trees Trimmed Back

A major cause of leaks in roofs has to do with nearby trees on the property. Tree branches or trunks can slowly grow into a roof punching holes through the surface or grinding away the fascia. You need to keep trees trimmed back. Prune away branches that are growing within a few feet of the roof. Take down dead or diseased branches. This will prevent them from breaking off in the wind and slamming into your roof.

Clean Away Snow and Debris Often

Snow and debris that sit on your roof for a long time can actually damage it. Some types of debris like certain leaves are highly acidic. Snow can weigh down the roof causing it to buckle and crack. A roof should last for 20 years if you take care of it. This means cleaning away snow and other debris whenever you see it starting to accumulate. Many different tools from snow rakes to power washers can be used to clear the roof.

Maintain Your Gutters

You must maintain your gutters during the different seasons of the year. Faulty or damaged gutters can potentially harm your roof. They can send water back up into the roof through the fascia or under the shingles. Ice dams can actually freeze upwards eventually breaking through the roof to create a hole. Examine your gutters at least twice a year and make any necessary repairs right away. Good gutters and a solid downspout will protect your roof against leaks.

Take Care of Your Attic

What is happening inside your attic can cause your roof to start leaking. You want to ensure your attic does not have humidity problems. Keep the insulation in good condition and replace aging pieces. Seal up duct work and pipes. Make minor repairs to any damage you see under the roof in the attic. Taking care of your attic is a very effective way to protect your roof against leaks.