How to Create The Ideal Custom Display for Your Trade Show


There are many different trade show displays and designs for businesses to choose from. Most of these offer familiar formats and limited customization. There are many benefits to creating a specially built trade show exhibit. These high-quality displays are tailored to meet specific trade show goals and needs.

Creating a customized trade show display begins with the design process. These planning meetings should involve management, employees and design experts. Together, they will serve as the creative and technical resources behind the design. They will contribute to the development of a sensible budget, display theme and project timeline. When designing the display, it’s important to focus on business goals, the target audience and any trade show limitations. For example, managers must decide which leads to focus on, how to increase brand awareness and when to give visitors exclusive offers, discounts, gifts and invitations. This planning stage will define how technology will be used to inform or attract visitors in place of traditional brochures and handouts. Sometimes, these meetings can drag on because managers cannot decide on the right direction or simple decisions like the logo’s color palette.

Design Production
Customized trade show design production will translate the information from the above mentioned meetings into physical results. A professional print shop will provide the most impressive and functional trade show displays, handouts, boards and signs. The best print shops will offer business owners digital samples and projections to choose from. Sometimes, experienced print staff may create alternative display renderings that they feel offer more workable designs, marketing effectiveness or cost savings. It is best to rely on the experienced of professional graphic designers. External graphic designers may also make unexpected design adjustments in order to save money or time. Either way, the design review process will provide managers with the opportunity to make minor adjustments and understand every detail of the material quality, color palette and font style.

In-house Projects
Large companies with sufficient resources may simply create their own trade show booth by themselves. In this way, the company may streamline the decision making and manufacturing processes. Design blueprints should include the detailed visuals of how the trade show exhibit will look once completed. These blueprints should include specific instructions regarding the size, color and placement of walls, signs and furniture. The actual booth construction may be completed with the help of management, maintenance personnel, outsourced carpenters and consulting engineers. Together, they will have the skills and knowledge needed to create customized exhibit displays of the highest quality.

Readers should note that the complete trade show booth design, revision and production processes should take about two to three weeks as long as everyone focuses on sensible design options and acceptable preferences.