Starting a Laundromat Business? 3 Ways to Succeed


A laundromat is a good business to start today. It is simple, in demand and could be very profitable. The hurdle you have to cross is starting up successfully and creating a base of loyal customers. This will take a little time and effort. It is worth everything in the end when your laundromat takes off and begins earning a large profit. Here are three ways to succeed when starting a laundromat business.

Invest Heavily In Marketing

Although the number of new businesses opening each year has declined by 44 percent since 1978, you still face stiff competition when starting a laundromat. The key to being successful is to invest heavily in effective marketing when you first start. You need to leverage marketing to make consumers aware your laundromat exists. Use everything you can from localized search engine optimization and direct mail to hanging up flyers and posting bright signage outside the establishment. Try to develop a distinctive brand that will separate your laundromat from the others in the area. Strong and persistent marketing is what will bring people into your business.

Keep Your Equipment and Establishment in Excellent Condition

It is possible to let your laundromat run itself without anyone checking in for a week or more at a time. Do not do this. Keep your equipment and establishment in excellent condition to succeed. Fix problems with washers and dryers right away. Keep the place spotless, comfortable and welcoming. Stay in the laundromat or check in several times every day. Having a functional and attractive laundromat is going to keep customers coming back. Neglecting everything will drive people who come in away. Remember that doing laundry is about cleanliness. You want customers to feel that your establishment is sanitary and reliable. Spend your time making certain that everything is working as it should and that needed repairs to the storefront are being done.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Something important that will make your laundromat successful among the 28 million small businesses in the country is delivering exceptional customer service. You need to be highly focused on the people coming into your laundromat. Have a suggestion box, a number to call for help and possibly a live presence for most of the day. If people are having problems, then treat them well and help in any way you can. You need to have a customer-oriented business from the very start. This will make your laundromat distinctive from most others. Customers will remember your service and start to trust the establishment. This is how you build loyalty over time. Be generous with your customer service so that people do not feel adversarial when a problem arises. Customer service is incredibly important when you are running a local laundromat where word of mouth will matter to your business.