The Best Travel Rewards Credit Card to Have in Your Wallet

travel credit cards

For people who travel the nation or the world, having a credit card that offers not only plenty of rewards, but also a high level of confidence is a must-have. Whether it’s insurance in case the trip gets interrupted or cancelled, protection against identity theft, or assistance with renting a car, there’s little doubt having the right card can mean the difference between having the trip of a lifetime or having one filled with unending hassles. While there are plenty of credit cards offering travel rewards, most agree that the Capital One Venture Rewards card offers the best travel benefits.

Bonus Offers
Of all the travel rewards on this card, it’s the bonus offers that catch people’s attention right away. For example, the card offers members a one-time bonus of 40,000 miles once they’ve spent $3,000 on purchases within the first 90 days, which is the equivalent of $400 in travel.

Any Airline, Any Hotel
Along with the bonuses this card offers, it also has excellent benefits when it comes to letting people choose the airline and hotel they wish to use. With this card, members have virtually no restrictions when it comes to their choices. At any point during the year, cardholders who set out on a vacation or business trip can have the peace of mind to know they can fly on any airline they wish as well as stay at any hotel they choose. In fact, when asked most customers state this is the feature they like best.

No Expiration of Miles
Unlike many travel rewards cards that have expiration dates on the miles cardholders earn, the Capital One Venture Rewards card has no expiration date on any miles that have been earned. In addition to this, there are also no limits on how many miles can be earned on this card, enabling people to go anywhere they wish without worry.

Foreign Transaction Fees
On many cards, people often get penalized by the foreign transaction fees that many cards impose. However, this card makes it easier to use when traveling abroad by having no foreign transaction fees. This allows travelers to use their card in whatever ways they need, knowing they will face no unnecessary fees on the next bill.

No matter where people choose to travel, having the right credit card in their wallet can make all the difference. Having the freedom to fly and stay anywhere they wish, along with having access to insurance if needed, enables travelers with this card to enjoy themselves no matter where they may go.